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What Would It Feel Like To Know You Were Preparing Your Kids For Their Best Life?
Find out why the BEST gift you can give your family is an emotionally healthy home!
...what you were never taught about
Building An Emotionally Healthy Home 
Do you ever feel paralyzed by the possibility that you'll make an unfixable mistake raising your kids? That you're just sort of making it up as you go along and hoping for the best

What if we could show you another way?

As parents ourselves...and with over 40+ years’ combined experience working with kids and adults, we learned some valuable tools to break through the unhealthy patterns that prevent families from connecting and thriving.

Okay, that may sound good, but what is an emotionally healthy home and what does it look like? Every interaction with a child (especially during the first 5 years) forms their most foundational beliefs... and ultimately, tells them whether or not they are worthy of love...and if people are safe.

As a parent, you are literally helping to wire your child’s brain as they write out the story of their lives. And we believe the best gift a parent can give their child is a living environment that's safe to process hard things in an atmosphere free from judgement, minimization, and comparison.
An emotionally healthy home empowers both the
parent and the child to process negative emotions
so that children experience a childhood
they draw strength from. 
Addictions, mental illness, anxiety, depression, self-harm, difficulty setting boundaries, low some way, unresolved grief is almost certainly underlying these conditions

Until now, parents have just had to rely on whatever the "latest thing" is in order to help their kids. And although "Five Easy Steps To Awesome Parenting" programs sound appealing...they are not going to build an emotionally healthy home for your kids.
This Sounds Great, But Does It Work?

Totally Transformed Our Family Dynamics

This program completely transformed my family relationships and enabled me to experience healthier relationships in all other areas of my life. I used to be trapped in my emotions and felt pressure to feel a certain way...or that I had to get over my emotions on someone else's timeline. After my family began applying this course, we were able to quickly develop a deeper trust that allowed me to experience an emotional freedom with them that I've never had before. I’m now able to express my feelings and be open about what's going on in my life in a healthy way...and am able to let others do the same. Being able to share my emotions in a safe place takes away so much of the emotional weight I used to carry. My home has never felt like home the way it does now. I used to never miss my family whenever I traveled, but now I cherish the time I have to spend with them. Now my mom's the first person I call whenever I need to talk about something. Not only have my family relationships experienced healing, but also my other relationships (including with myself) as well. This course isn’t just a recommendation, it IS your next step if you want to experience healthy, loving, fulfilling relationships with your kids and family.
--Jordan N.
Kids who grow up with emotional safety become secure adults
who thrive as the best version of themselves.
Hi, we're Daniel & Vicki Hagadorn
We are honored to be on this parenting journey with you! Let us walk you through the exact same steps we took to create emotional safety in our home. 

A little about us...Daniel is a successful international speaker and author who has spoken on the topics of education, parenting, theology, history, and special needs children over the last 20 years at numerous practicums, conferences, and conventions.

Vicki has been a certified Grief Recovery Specialist since 2003. During that time, she has helped hundreds of people process through loss and grief so they can fully engage in life and flourish in their relationships. 

Together, our ultimate goal is to equip parents to groom the next generation to thrive.
This is YOUR first step towards experiencing the harmony
you've always wanted in your home.
What's Included...
Building An Emotionally Healthy Home (online course)
This three-part video course reveals the unhealthy patterns that undermine relationships within families. You will discover valuable tools to create connection and harmony in your home. Learn how to address the foundational issues that are almost always underneath addiction, mental illness, anxiety, depression, self-harm, difficulty setting boundaries, and low self-worth. You will be equipped to give your child the tools they need to thrive...not just survive.
Building An Emotionally Healthy Home (notebook)
A convenient, easy-to-follow printable resource for taking notes as you follow along in the course. You'll have plenty of space to write, plus each of the three parts breaks down key points, key applications, and key quotes from the course. We've also included a list of important "Do's & Don'ts" to help you help your children build an emotionally safe home together. 
And, we're adding a special bonus!
The Blueprint For Building An
Emotionally Healthy Home
The lack of emotional safety can seriously hinder a child's development. Just like building a house, there is a process to be followed in order to make sure the foundation withstands whatever comes against it. This eBook is literally a "blueprint" that shows you how to build that foundation for a home in which your children will thrive.
Time-tested, proven resources that help YOU help your child  experience their full potential. 
In parenting...the days may be long,
But the years are short!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We value our relationship with you and want you to
have full confidence in your no-risk purchase!
You have nothing to lose...
And Everything To Gain
Since children follow your example, NOT your advice, doing whatever it takes to become emotionally healthy...IS the best thing you can do for them.

This step-by-step, three-part video course walks you through the process of embracing the amazing parent you were designed to order to help your child become the best version of themselves. It may not be easy, but nothing truly worth doing ever is...and parenting is no exception. :-)

Since no parent has enough time or money to waste on "band-aids," our 30-Day money back guarantee means that you literally have nothing to lose.

We're in this together...every step of the way.
--Daniel & Vicki Hagadorn
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